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  • Begins AUGUST 12th with Tryouts and Ends NOVEMBER 4th for a total of 12 Weeks of Programming. Teams will be announced on AUGUST 16th. 
  • Each Team Grouping will have 2 practices per week and 2 skills sessions available to them - We offer additional SKILLS CLASSES for a seperate fee. Practices are not mandatory but we would like for athletes to commit to at least one a week to be placed on a team. 
  • Athletes will play in 8-12 gamedepending on their level of skill and coaches have the right to change rosters in an effort to help athletes develop. 
  • All games will be set and accounted for in the FALL SEASON meaning that league play parents will have links to schedules they can check on their own, and tourney weekends will be set - meaning the schedule for those events are announced usually on WEDS nights and through a specific app. If the event does not have an APP we will not play in it. This is done in an effort to help families plan better if possible. 
  • UNIFORMS: We are an UNDER ARMOUR grassroots team and are obligated to purchase their gear. Players will be required to purchase a new uniform - the store will released and announced here to make it easier for purchase.
  • Parent Text Groups - Each Grade Level (Example: 6th Grade Boys) will be placed on text groups so we may gather availablility for events and make adjustments to rosters when needed. 


  • Players will not be placed on a team until fees are paid or a payment plan is realized. 
  • We have Monthly, Season and Yearly Payment  plans available for athletes and their families to take advantage of discounts. All yearly payment request should call Steve Adams.
  • All payments must be made through this site for ALL TRIUMPH teams and PRODUCTS ... If a family VENMO's/PAYPAL's a coach we can not guarantee that there will be a record of the transaction. We aslo do take checks but do not prefer it. 
  • REFUND POLICY: Unfortunately we do not usually offer any refunds on our products as it is how we plan our budgets and since most families do not like teams with 15 players on it - this does not allow for flexibility. However we do offer credits towards private lessons, camps, clinics, or future seasons. We do want to make things right for all customers but also realize there are excetions to every rule. By registering and paying for your athlete, you agree to our team policies and procedures.
  • Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis and some basic expenditures will be handled by the family. All scholarships must be approved by a specific program director as it affects their budgets.